QOS Course in site

QOS is a valuable discipline developed in the late eighties for use in all levels of business activities by Ford Motor Company’s manufacturing, assembly and stamping plants. It is a set of very basic and general guidelines applicable to quality improvement efforts of products and services of all kinds. Outside Ford, the QOS discipline is also known as BOS (Business Operating System). Use of the QOS guidelines helps align company’s strategic goals, achieve planned objectives, and institute quality system for continuous improvement.
This brief session will provide an overview of QOS application steps. Key information is provided about QOS.
Basic elements of QOS processes like customer expectations, internal key processes, measurables for key processes,
etc. are discussed in details. Attendees will have chance to apply the concepts in hypothetical business examples.

By attending this session you will learn how to:
· Identify customers and their expectations.
· Identify key process elements that satisfy customer’s expectations.
· Select measurable that can be used to quantitatively predict and monitor performance.
· Apply structured problem solving (8D and/or DOE) approach by forming a QOS team.